Horton Amusements

About the client
Horton Amusements is an extremely popular, leisure industry, gaming machine supplier based in the West Midlands. Offering a range of products from Fruit Machines, jukeboxes and pool tables right the way through to pull tab machines. Horton Amusements wanted a website to showcase their many offerings and fun-filled spirit as well as the ability for consumers to book online.
Project info
Web Design

In 2020 Horton Amusements asked us to help them build a new website with a greater focus on conversions in order to drive online sales. We wanted to highlight that Horton Amusements offer a variety of great services for any pub or leisure facility ensuring the fun and practical element came across. Using UX and UI we tested the messaging, functionality and positioning of CTAs. The launch of a website is never the end of the process. The next step was to see how users interacted with the new site, and how we might make improvements to the user experience. Using a variety of tools we analysed user journeys and measured how site visitors were interacting with key conversion points.


Search Engine Optimisation is a common practise we undertake here at Vision51 and we are becoming widely appreciated and known for the results we are generating for our clients online. Horton Amusements is no exception to this. As a team, we sat and established key competition in the area, target audience research along with what the team at Horton Amusements was currently doing to put in a strategy based on 6-12 months of on and off site optimisation.

Content Marketing

Content was a vital part of this project due to the varied audience type and demographic. How the team tackled this was to research audience sets, market, language and purchasing behaviours. We then created content in its own specific house and landing page to ensure the wording sat well within that particular page and to engage.