JMS Auto Gates

About the client
JMS Auto Gates are a professional electric gate establishment covering Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lanarkshire. They design and instal modern access facilities to anything from a factory to a home. Their modern and stylish gate designs have been used across a variety of public sector buildings such as police stations, right the way through to homes. This gave the team at Vision51 a challenge to develop a unique user experience across the board when on this website to enhance traffic and lead generation.
Project info
Content Marketing

JMS Auto Gates is a brand that is extremely professional and high end. The language of the site needed to be read and understood by both the corporate and domestic users who were using it for a luxury or security measure for a business or own property. The team at Vision51 had a lot of fun with language on this one.

Web Design

The design team at Vision51 created a very user friendly website using design techniques and the clients own images to build a true digital shop window that represented the work of JMS Auto Gates in the truest form. The user experience is consistently leading the websites potential customers through a funnel to an eventual form of contact. Ensuring they find the right information that they need instantly. Reducing the amount of clicks necessary through the sales funnel.


Search Engine Optimisation is a common practise we undertake here at Vision51 and we are becoming widely appreciated and known for the results we are generating for our clients online. JMS Auto Gates is no exception to this. As a team, we sat and established key competition in the area, target audience research along with what the team at JMS Auto Gates was currently doing to put in a strategy based on 6-12 months of on and off site optimisation.