Petrus Events

About the client
Petrus Events is a family run bespoke catering business specialising in both corporate and other engagements. The team at Vision51 really enjoyed working on this particular project because the images almost sold the product before we even needed to begin any work. Their premium standards and 5 star ratings across the board make Petrus Events one of the best event catering companies in the whole of Cheshire.
Project info

The catering industry is one of the most competitive industries in the country. To ensure the best form of lead generation for Jonny and the team at Petrus Events we researched the audience based on current clientele, area and demographic. This then led our marketing team at Vision51 to a set of keyphrases and a content plan where developed to ensure we had a copy of the appeal to new users in the market looking for that perfectly catered event.

Content Marketing

Petrus Events as a brand is an extremely sleek, high end and family operated business working in a hugely competitive area, Cheshire. Based on a competitor analysis and thorough examination of the business process and practises we create a 12 month blog/content strategy that would see topics such as christmas corporate catering, wedding season, and many more.

Web Design

We designed a fully responsive website that would allow Jonny to showcase his famous produce and catering images online. Alongside a custom running order and uploading facility that took the manual element out of the process for the team at Petrus Events. This was a necessity due to ever changing markets, seasons and menus.