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Rosewood House Pets

About the client
Rosewood House Pets is a family owned and operated dog breeding home that has been established for over 20 years. They are Kennel Club registered and house professional vets on site.
Project info
Web Design

When meeting with the team at Rosewood House Pets the initial brief for web design was fun, something different and not too serious to stand out amongst the saturated market of dog breeders in the UK. We used fun colors, animations and imagery to convey the message of Rosewood house pets effectively and efficiently to encourage a highly engaging website for the end user.

Social Media Marketing

Rosewood House Pets had never used social media marketing with their audience before. Given the informal tone of the business the team here at Vision51 created a fun and interactive social media platform that was easy for the client to update when they wanted to and to show relevant information in real time.


The Search Engine Optimisation market for dog breeders in Cheshire is extremely competitive, even more so since lockdown and the influx of illegal breeders. Rosewood House Pets had a perfect brand, beautiful website so our marketing team had fun with the marketing on this business. Making it to the first page of Google in a matter of weeks.

Content Marketing

Content is extremely important for this business and we wanted to convey a thought leadership element putting Rosewood House Pets as the true experts in the dog breeding field. Which is rightly deserved. They are extremely passionate about the homes the puppies go to so the tone of the content had to be informative but personable whilst still holding high authority within the search. Consistency is key.

Fran Jennings
Rosewood House Pets

WOW !!!! What an amazing company, Natalie from vision 51 listened to everything I wanted for my new website, she delivered it quickly, efficiently and came up with some fantastic ideas to make it even better. Their aftercare of the site is equally as good with alterations being done the same day. I can not recommend them highly enough.