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5 Reasons Why Facebook is The Perfect Marketing Tool

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Social Media Marketing is the best targeted form of advertising there is today, and more and more businesses have been getting on board with it over the past few years. Facebook is without doubt the most popular platform for Social Media Marketing, as it tends to be the best channel for creating campaigns due to a number of reasons. No matter what type of business you are or what size, Facebook Advertising can provide benefits for you in some way. As a business with a digital focus we witness first hand on a day-to-day basis what Facebook Advertising can do for a business. Since the beginning of Vision Marketing, we have seen some great success for our clients through the use of Facebook, and our aim is to make more and more people aware of the fantastic ways it can benefit their business.

Here are 5 reasons why Facebook is the perfect marketing tool for your business!



The great thing about Facebook Advertising, is that you control the budget. Facebook campaigns aren’t expensive to run at all, and especially in comparison to other marketing techniques. However, with a small investment comes fantastic results that are going to benefit your business and essentially generate more money for you. There are lots of different things you can advertise through Facebook campaigns, for example you could direct people to your website, advertise some of your products, or offer a discount code. No matter what the purpose of the ad is, the goal is to attract more customers and make more sales.



Billions of people use facebook, and so it’s the perfect place to put your business out there and try and win new customers. One of the best things about marketing your business on Facebook, is that you are able to monitor the analytics of the campaign. This means that you can see if something isn’t quite working right and make changes to this in the future in order to achieve more success from it. This is normally done through insights, which show you facts such as how many people the ad has reach, or how many people have clicked on the link etc.



Facebook campaigns are pretty much tailor made to suit the needs and wishes of you and your business, so each one is done exactly how you want it. You create the budget, choose the target audience, and decide on factors such as how long you want it to run for and what you want the purpose and goal of the campaign to be. This way, you can ensure that you’re only marketing things that are important and that will benefit the business.



Marketing to the right target audience can sometimes be tricky, however, this is where marketing on Facebook comes above all. Most people nowadays have a Facebook account. We tend to be glued to our phones any chance we get and and are always using them as a way to look for things we’re interested in. Therefore, this makes advertising your business through Facebook a very smart move.

Now, you may be thinking ‘but won’t people have to know about us and search for us to see what we post?’ – but the answer is no. The very unique and specific targeting facility means that when you create an ad, it will show up on the news feeds of only the people that fit the criteria of your ideal target audience. For example, you can tailor the audience by age, interests, location, behaviours and lookalike audiences (people similar to your existing customers), and it will appear to these people when they’re just scrolling through Facebook. You also have the option of retargeting your audience too. So, if you think something’s not quite right or there’s something missing, you can alter this to ensure that people who fit those new specifications will see the ad.



With Facebook marketing, it’s common to create a few different ads just to see which is the most successful. So, with a tracking pixel on these, you can monitor the success and activity to see what your target audience are more interested in. For example, you may create three different campaigns, advertising three different products, and with the tracking pixels you will be able to evaluate what appeals to your target demographic the most.

If you think Facebook Advertising is something that your business will benefit from, we would be more than happy to help. Just call us on 01565 362 162 for a chat with one of the team, or alternatively send an email to and we will get back to you with the necessary information.