Are You a Small Business Looking to Grow After the Pandemic?

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The Coronavirus pandemic has been extremely tough on all of us, and small businesses in particular have really felt the impact of this. Being unable to operate for months, combined with less customers making purchases, naturally leaves small businesses struggling and looking for help and to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

However, there are solutions and ways that you can grow your business and increase profits. Here at Vision 51 we help small businesses to grow and expand through creating a digital presence and optimising the way they market their business online. We know that not all small businesses can afford to hire a team in house which is why we are on hand to be the digital marketing business partner for you.

As there are a lot of small businesses out there that have been struggling over the past few months and therefore looking to grow, we thought we would tell you about some of the services that we offer and how this could help to boost your business…

Choosing the perfect web design to entice customers

Your website is an extremely important asset to your business. It is where you drive sales and interest online and it is where new and potential customers will find you. Therefore, having the perfect web design is key in making the right impression and appealing to your target audience. At Vision 51 we value the importance of web design and enhancing your digital presence. So, we have a team of highly skilled, professional web designers on hand to develop the perfect website for your business.

The perfect web design will help you in lots of different ways, including lead generation, boosting sales, expanding your audience, and marketing your products. Every web design project will be entirely tailored to suit your business in order to develop the best ROI for you.

Creating an online presence

We now live in an age where having a digital online presence is essential for small businesses. Nowadays, we all turn to the internet for everything we need. Therefore, if somebody is looking for the services that you provide, they will search for it online, and without an online presence you will not be seen and could be losing out on a lot of business and potential customers.

Being present online adds another way to reach a wider audience and appeal to more people. It allows you to market yourself online and create a bigger presence and allow potential customers to be able to find you online.


Connect to your audience through social media

Building a relationship with your target audience is a really important way to establish customer loyalty and show character. Furthermore, social media is completely free to use! You have access to all of these platforms which are a great way to boost your business and grow. There are teams such as ourselves that are able to help you create a strong brand persona and connect to your target audience.

Furthermore, you can also pay for social media advertising, which is the most targeted form of advertising there is at the moment, as you can completely filter down who you want to market your business and products to. We have seen firsthand the way social media advertising has significantly boosted small businesses. We have a track record of fantastic results from working with all of our clients with social media advertising. It is the perfect platform to reach out to your target audience.

Reach more customers

Whilst the pandemic has meant a lot of small businesses have had less custom, we are here to help you get back out there and grow your business. A key tool in doing this, is reaching out to more customers. Having an online presence in this day and age is essential to do this. There is a huge portion of your target audience online, and some of these may not necessarily be aware of your business and what you offer without online access to you.

Digital marketing is a highly effective asset for reaching a wider audience. It creates a whole new way to reach out and connect to your customers, as well as ensure that you are marketing your business to the right people.

If you are a small business owner that is looking for some help to grow your business after the pandemic, we would love to help you. Speak to us today on 01925 555 858 or by emailing and a member of the team will be happy to assist and advise you.