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Come On, it’s Time to Give Your Website a Makeover

come on

Having a website is great, but only if it’s generating the right results for your business. This can be helped by a number of things, but ultimately the most important thing to do is keep it up to date and make sure it’s portraying your business in the best way possible.

Here are a few steps we would recommend to give your website the perfect makeover…



How many people do you know that own a smartphone? These kinds of technology make it so easy for us to access the internet now, and because of this, it’s likely that a huge portion of your website visitors are mobile users.

Having a mobile-friendly (responsive) website can make a significant difference to the user journey. Responsive websites essentially correct the whole format of the site to ensure that it functions properly on mobile phones or any other device, therefore making it much easier for people to browse and obtain information. It prevents having to scroll around the page and zoom in and out to see things more clearly.



Your website is accessible to anybody, and for many visitors, it could be the first time they’ve ever come into contact with your business. Therefore, you need to make a great first impression.

You have around three seconds to capture somebody’s attention, and if your website doesn’t do this straight away, your visitors will just click off and look elsewhere. This means making sure your website conveys a clear message of what you do, how you care for your customers, and the ways you can help them. It’s also important to ensure that the site is easy to use, and looks visually appealing. This can be done through simply getting a good design.

For some visitors, they won’t even look past the first page. So, make sure your homepage is impressive, and clear and concise in stating what you can provide for them. Use buzz words that will capture their attention and leave them wanting more. Also, make sure the design is impressive, as this reflects you as a business, and if it doesn’t look good, your potential customers may be put off.



Filling your site with good quality content can determine the success you have online. Whether this is just explaining your business in simple terms, using important keywords or phrases, or even having a fun and unique blog, there are lots of ways to impress your audience with content. If a person is impressed by what they see, it will probably increase their chances of investing in your business. Not only this, good content improves your position on search engines, so when people search for certain things relating to your business, you will appeal higher in the results.



Revamping your website could involve a number of things, but something you may not have considered is introducing an online shop. The practicality of this could be very dependant on the type of business you own, or the products you sell, but making your products available online is often a great shop window for many brands.

Selling your products online allows for 24 hour purchasing from customers, whereas your physical shop may only be open for half of the day. As a result, this is more convenient for customers as it means they can buy from you at anytime and anywhere. Some customers prefer to just click a button online rather than coming into contact with somebody when they want to buy something, so selling online caters to the preference of many more people.



Ultimately, the main reason for people visiting a website is to find information. This gives you the perfect opportunity to offer an insight into your brand and the industry you work in. Not all of your customers will be experts in your industry – in fact, it’s unlikely that there will be many who know a lot about it. So, this is your chance to explain key elements, and educate them as to why certain things are beneficial to help their business strive and succeed. This instantly provides value to your customers and reflects positively on your brand.