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How Google’s Core Updates Have Impacted Digital Marketing in 2019


Google is the most technically advanced, popular search engine there is, and so changes and updates are made on a daily basis to ensure that it is performing to the top of its ability as well as providing easy and effective use to the millions of people that rely on it each and every day. However, although the majority of these changes are for the better and produce positive results, sometimes the bigger updates can cause difficulty within the digital marketing sector. More often than not, this is because the changes to the system and algorithms alter the way certain things, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), are designed to work.

As this can be a challenge to webmasters, despite given notice when bigger updates are upcoming, we thought we would talk about some of the ways in which Google’s core updates have impacted digital marketing in 2019.


Improvement to search algorithms

The main purpose of Google’s core updates, is to keep improving search algorithms. This basically means ensuring that the best and most relevant results are showing to users when they search for any term. Depending on the update, this can have positive or negative effects for webmasters. Sometimes websites and domains may lose a percentage of their traffic, whereas with other updates it may work in their favour as more traffic will be driven to the site. As a website owner, you must always work on improving your website and SEO just like Google, so that you are always in the best possible position to gain the best results.


It’s all in the content

As with some of Google’s core updates it causes some websites to lose traffic and take a decline, it is important to know what to work on if this happens to your website. The best way you can make the biggest impact and improve your SEO, is to work on the content. Content has the ability to make all the difference, so if you are in a position where an update causes your site to take a hit, you must work on strengthening the content so that it will perform better and rank higher on the search engine. Google’s algorithms are built around filtering the best content. The stronger your content, the more compatible your site will be with the latest algorithms.


Changes to BERT

During recent months of 2019, Google has added a new BERT system which has been put in place in order to try and make better sense of the language people typically use when querying something. A lot of website owners have experienced a negative impact on their sites from the new BERT update and lost a large percentage of traffic.

Due to the purpose of BERT and what it is designed to do, some websites are losing out on traffic as Google doesn’t see it as a direct match to the query of the user. As BERT is built around understanding text better, it wants to decipher if the content on your website directly matches the query, and this will determine how your website ranks and therefore how it performs in terms of receiving traffic.

Up to 10% of Google searches were affected by BERT, which caused quite a significant impact in the digital marketing sector. John Mueller of Google advised that website owners tackle any negative impact to their results and web traffic by working on the fundamentals of SEO. This includes things like user experience, website speed, strong content and good linking. Ensuring that your SEO is the strongest it can be and that your website is of the highest quality in terms of user experience and appeal will help you to tackle any hit taken from BERT and eventually get your website ranking higher and appearing more relevant to users. 

For more information and advice around the way Google’s core updates have had an impact on digital marketing in 2019, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.