How to Make Customers Engage With You Online

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Everybody is online. It is where you will find a huge portion of your audience, and the way that technology has advanced over the years makes it the perfect way to reach out, connect and engage with your customers. The internet is universal, and it has made it so easy for businesses to connect with a much wider audience and have more exposure. It has provided us with so many opportunities to attract new customers and engage with people who have a potential interest in your business and the products or services that you offer.


It’s good putting your business out there online for all to see, however this means nothing if you do not get your customers and target audience to engage with you. We thought we’d give you a few tips on ways you can boost online engagement with your customers and make sure that you’re doing all the right things to get their attention and keep them interested. 


Interacting on social media

Social media is huge now, and most businesses and companies use this to their advantage. It has changed digital marketing completely and opened up so many new doors. You can create social media campaigns and adverts, where you pay to advertise your business or products on there to a select audience. However, to obtain more customer loyalty, you need to be connecting and engaging with these customers, ensuring that your brand has its own character, rather than being robotic and just trying to sell things. 

You could start by posting more engaging content on your social media pages, for example more topical posts, as opposed to links to your website where they can buy a product. You could even look for relevant content, such as blogs that might appeal to your target audience or that you may have posted yourself on your website. If you share things like this, you are more likely to get customers engaging with you than if you just try to sell things all the time. Furthermore, talk to your audience, and actually respond to their comments. As we mentioned, this gives your business a bit of a personality online, and it’s a good way of creating a relationship with the audience.


Online groups and forums

Online groups and forums are all about engaging with people. You can often find business groups on LinkedIn, where you can network with people. However, there are similar things on various social media sites, and this is a great way to build an online community. It’s a great method for interacting with your customers and actually talking to them, whether this is answering queries, or joining in topical conversation relating to your industry or products and services. 


Engaging content

The best way to engage a customer, is by providing them with relevant and appealing content. This will immediately grab their attention and generate interest. This applies to every aspect of the online world, from social media, to your website, to targeted ad campaigns. Furthermore, you don’t just want to create good content, but you want to make sure that the customer is immediately engaged. For example, if they click onto your website, you need content that is going to interest them straight away, otherwise they will click off and look elsewhere. 

When it comes to website content, you need to find the right balance. There needs to be useful information about the business and what you do, however this should be short and to the point. The content also needs to be relevant and interesting to the customer. For example, you may have a blog where you write about topics relevant to your target audience that perhaps supplies them with useful tips or facts.

High quality content has other benefits too, as it helps boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). this makes your website rank higher on search engines, which as a result, will give your business more exposure and allow more customers to find you online. 

Engaging content is a necessity for all online activity. For example, if you don’t post high quality content on your social media pages, customers won’t follow you, nor will they engage with your posts. This is the same with targeted ad campaigns. Although the ad is going to your target audience and therefore people interested in what you’re offering, if it isn’t high quality and doesn’t engage them straight away, it won’t be successful.


These are only a few ways to get customers engaging with you online. If you would like to find out more, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.