Spending Money on Digital Marketing

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Now that digital media is so popular and technology is so advanced, it means there are tonnes of great ways to market your business digitally. All businesses need to be marketed to their target audience, however not all kinds of businesses and business owners are aware of how to do this or the best methods that would work for them, which is why there are people like us here to help!

At Vision 51 we are able to digitally market and advertise your business to a larger audience in a number of different ways. All of the digital marketing techniques we use are tried and tested and we have a high success rate in boosting our clients’ businesses and generating a fantastic ROI. As not everybody is aware of digital marketing techniques, we thought we’d explain a little more to you and show you how you can invest your money into something that will benefit your business.


Social media

Something we talk about a lot on our blog and across our website, is social media. This is because social media is one of the best digital marketing tools for your business and it can really boost engagement and product sales. Although social media is free to use and we highly encourage that you set up a business profile and are active across all platforms anyway, there are also ways that you can spend money to advertise your business properly on there. Social media advertising is the most targeted form of digital marketing available to us, and what’s so great about it, is that you can set your own budget, and it doesn’t require a lot of money to create your business campaigns!

Millions and millions of people are active on social media, which pretty much guarantees that you will find a huge portion of your target audience on there. Using social media to market your business is the best way to reach out to people and raise awareness of the brand and generate leads and more interest.

The social media platform we use most for digital marketing purposes, is Facebook. On Facebook, you can set a budget to create very bespoke campaigns that advertise anything about your business, from your website to the products you sell, and you can target the advert so that it appears in the news feed of only the demographic your target audience fits into. Here at Vision 51, we have a highly experienced team that work on creating very strong Facebook campaigns for clients and that are able to monitor the success rate and keep track of all the engagement on each advert.

Although we focus mostly on Facebook advertising, you can invest money on all social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, where you can have promoted posts and give your business more exposure.



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a fundamental tool in digital marketing. Although not many people know what it is unless they work in the digital industry, it is something that many businesses would be lost without. Basically, without SEO, people wouldn’t be able to find your business online. To give an example of how it works, your website and all of the content on there will be optimised to include chosen keywords and phrases, so that when people take to search engines and type these keywords and phrases in, your website will rank higher on the results page. It is a proven fact that most people don’t look further than the top three results on online searches, so we aim to get our clients in this position, or at least on the first page.


It maximises website traffic, bringing a whole new variety of people to your site and enabling them to see what you do as a business and whether you provide the right products and services that they are looking for. SEO is something we highly recommend investing money into when it comes to digital marketing, as this is a way to make you stand out against competitors and give you a better chance. With SEO, your target audience are more likely to be driven to your website over your competitors, potentially meaning that you are winning customers.


Content marketing

Content is a key weapon in digital marketing. Without strong content, it would be difficult to maintain interest from potential customers and your target audience, and furthermore, high quality content is essential with SEO. Good content practically makes a website, and finding the right balance in creating this can be difficult. Hiring somebody to write and produce fantastic content for your website is a great way to make your business stand out and ensure that your website performs well and is engaging all visitors, and ultimately, helping to generate leads.

Furthermore, having good content isn’t just relative to your business’ website, but in fact across all digital marketing platforms. This includes social media, visual content, and blogs. Having a professional help to create this will ensure that your business is portrayed in the best possible way online and that it is appealing to your target audience.



Every business simply needs a website. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are, nowadays almost everybody turns to the internet for help. For example, if you were a plumbing business based in Manchester, it is common that a lot of your clientele would turn to the internet when looking for your services, and they may search for a phrase such as “plumbers in Manchester”. With a website, you are giving your business an online profile and making it present to potential customers and your target audience.

As we mentioned earlier, most people will not look beyond the first page of search results when they’re looking for something, but even if you are at the top of the page, it still takes a strong website to engage them. You have approximately three seconds to engage your website visitors before they click off, which is why we encourage hiring a web designer to build and create the perfect website for your business. If your website isn’t engaging people, you could be losing valuable customers.

At Vision 51 we are passionate about creating a good digital strategy, and with 12 years of experience, we know that websites are a vital part of digital marketing. We witness first hand the positive results generated from websites, and our team of web designers and developers are trained and highly skilled to create the perfect website to portray any business and translate brand values.


For more information simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!